The 7 Podcasts I Listen to That Help Me Through Social Distancing

The 7 Podcasts I Listen to That Help Me Through Social Distancing

I Love to Listen to Podcasts

I think the first podcast I listened to religiously was one about the television show Lost. Lost was a show about a mysterious plane crash on a seemingly deserted island and the strange things that happened to the people as they tried to survive and ultimately get back home. It had all of the things that we now associate with a bingeable show. There was a relatable tragedy, interesting and attractive people and a hint of supernatural happenings. Lost might’ve been the first show that was so compelling and confusing that I needed to be part of a community to process what I saw each week.


Podcasts were great because I could listen at work and then share the theories with my coworkers at the water cooler. Since then, I’ve branched out to podcasts about entrepreneurship, relationships, self care and celebrity interviews. The thing about having been listening to them for so long is that my tastes have grown as I’ve matured. I can’t relate anymore to shows about being a broke 20-something, dealing with my first love and decorating my first apartment.

Been there, done that.

“I can’t relate anymore to shows about being a broke 20-something, dealing with my first love and decorating my first apartment. Been there, done that.

“What you listen to and let your mind consume really affects how you see yourself and the world around you. “

This List is For You

So, this list is for women like me. You’re grown, been working – but may want to pivot, like to be informed about what’s happening in the world. You’re a seeker and you’re interested in the liberation of all oppressed groups while prioritizing all Black women.

What you listen to and let your mind consume really affects how you see yourself and the world around you. 

  1. Esther Perel 
  2. Marsha’s Plate 
  3. The Friend Zone
  4. Democracyish 
  5. Yes, Girl!  
  6. Code Switch 
  7. Friends Like Us 

Therapy By Podcast

I stumbled upon Esther Perel’s podcast, “How Did We Get Here” a few years ago. There used to be a show on HBO called In Treatment  In each episode the story would feature people in their therapy sessions. The challenges the characters faced ranged from teenage growing pains to severe depression and despair. On Esther’s podcast, you get to be a fly on the wall of a couple’s therapy session. She helps them develop language to communicate better with each other and realize their own wants and needs. She is clear while still being gentle with her patients. She now has a podcast that focuses on relationships between people that work together. They’re both good. Listen and let me know what you think. 

…and the category is “Get Your Life!”

I stumbled upon Marsha’s Plate during Season 1 of Pose. I was looking for a podcast that recapped the show and this one came up in my search results. That was a couple of years ago. What I learned in that first listen was that the lead host, Diamond Stylez is brilliant, kind and funny. She is also a Black Trans woman. She leads discussions about current events from a Black Trans perspective. As a result of this show, my politics have expanded to include and consider trans rights when I am advocating for my own liberation. 


Diamond is like a big sister to her co-hosts Mia and Z. I appreciate listening to them admit that they don’t have it all together and they are still figuring some things out. We all are, right? That quest for self improvement and awareness is what The Flossie Life is all about. I respect anyone that is on that journey in an earnest and authentic way.

Check out Marsha’s Plate and tell me if that intro song doesn’t get stuck in your head too. Also, donate to support their work. Black women and trans people are always being underpaid for their work to teach and lead us. 

“…because who in the hell wants a musty brain?”

That’s the question asked by one of the hosts during the intro to this incredibly insightful and entertaining podcast called The Friend Zone. It is hosted by three friends Assante, Dustin and Fran. Listening to them is like eaves dropping on the leads of the three popular groups in high school. Assante would be the lead of the artist/musicians on campus. Dustin would be the lead of the cool guys and Fran would be the lead of the naturalista woo-woos.

You know they’re really friends by the way they laugh and play off of each other’s chemistry. It really is like sitting at the cool kid’s table at lunch. But only if those cool kids were inclusive, unpretentious and generous.

I love how they feature a small Black business each week. This doesn’t seem to be a sponsored thing, they just like putting other Black creators on the map. The Friend Zone talks about current events, TV shows and accessible ways to practice self care. They’ve put me onto lots of new music, too! Check out the Friend Zone Podcast and let me know what you think. 


Danielle Moodie and Toure have exuberant conversations about the state of our democracy and current events. Danielle is passionate and Ginsu knife sharp in her insights and assessments. She seems to give zero fucks about being polite or wypipo feelings. She tells it like it is. Toure plays the part of the more moderate voice. He tends to agree with Danielle, but he doesn’t go nearly as hard as she does, 


After listening to this podcast, I feel heard, even though they can’t hear me yelling along with them. I still feel a release. Check out this podcast if you’re tired of the talking heads on cable news and crave some different voices. 

Yes, Girl!

Do people still look at magazines? With so much available online, it has been years since I picked up a physical copy of Essence magazine and poured over the articles and images. The Yes, girl! podcast is like listening to the cover article. 

Essence Editorial Directors Cori Murray and Charli Penn interview your favorite TV, movie and music stars. The difference between these interviews and those in other outlets is the love. Cori and Charli shower their guests with admiration and allow them to share the stories that best highlight where they are in life. This is a safe space. But, don’t let the soft balls fool you. This is not a boring listen. 


The guests seem to feel comfortable enough to share with these ladies in ways that they don’t do with other interviewers. There have definitely been some gems dropped. Check out Yes, girl! and see how many gems you pick up. 

Code Switch

Code switching is what many of us do to survive in our workplaces. We use one set of language and colloquialisms with our familiar group and a different one with the folks at our W-2’s.

This podcast covers current events through the lens of race and gives cultural context to help us make sense of what we’re seeing. When I started listening, Gene Demby and Marisol Marisol Maraji were the hosts. They each come from different ethnic backgrounds but find common ground and are able to provide unique but relatable takes. 

Give Code Switch a listen and tell me what you think. 


Friends Like Us 

I am not a comedian. I mean, I’m funny, but working to become a comedian is not part of my journey. So, you can imagine my surprise when I started looking forward to  listening to this podcast led by a comedian – Marina Franklin –   where she has conversations with other comedians of color about the industry and the world at large. I learned so much about the grind that female comics have to endure just to get half of what their male counterparts get. 

Marina is a Black woman of a certain age that has been through some thangs! On the show at least, she always finds a funny spin on her trials. I like some of her guests more than others, but that is the nature of the beast right? They cover topics from relationships to politics. I also like that Marina ends each show with some house music. If you’re not into a good deep house groove, then I wonder if we can even be friends. LOL Just kidding! But, check out Friends and let me know what you think. 



To Wrap It All Up

It was so hard to narrow down my favorite podcasts to just these few. There are so many others that I’ve listened to over the years that I could recommend. So, if you burn through this list and want more ideas of riveting, insightful commentary about culture, politics, Blackness and life, let me know and I will do a part two. Until then, comment below with your faves. 

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