Welcome to the Flossie Life

For us, self care may involve a glue gun, or a bright and highly pigmented eye shadow palette, or a revised resume, or a beautifully presented meal, or the heat of warm sun rays beaming on our moisturized melanin, or the soft calming sound of waves crashing against a sparsely populated beach.

Flossie is a Latin word that means “to flourish and prosper”. This space is all about what I’ve learned from making a huge life pivot and began focusing on thriving and not just living my life. Being Flossie.

I have a special relationship to the word Flossie also because it was my Grandmother’s name. She presented to the world as a flourishing and prosperous woman even if that is not what she was feeling on the inside.

I want to create a life where I feel it on the inside and project it to the world. I began The Flossie Life as a way to share my journey as a grown ass woman that decided to take a life pivot and begin flourishing. I am into food experiences, good film and TV, DIY projects, side hustles and kicking it with my girls.

Let’s go on this journey together!

Black women over 40 – Live your best life

The Mission of The Flossie Life is to build community and support Black women over 40 in creating the life they deserve by offering vetted advice, tools and resources because we are the foundation of our families, communities and the world.