8 Sneakers That Will Up Your Cool Mom Quotient

8 Sneakers That Will Up Your Cool Mom Quotient

For my fave Mom sister friend…


We have this thing where she will send me a pic of an item that she’s considering purchasing and wait for me to respond with enthusiasm. Often, the items she chooses are cute and I can send a thumbs up. However, there are times when she will send something questionable. 

In my friend group, I’m the fashionista. My Mom friend isn’t the only one that comes to me for style cues. But, now that I have a blog, I figure I can help her, and you with your fashion questions without having to send out 50leven text messages. 🙂 

Today’s issue is around trying to find the perfect pair of athleisure fall shoes for a decent price. The pair my girl sent me to check out wasn’t bad. They looked something like this… 

Now, those aren’t that bad. They have a few elements that are on trend. The sock-like/soft upper has been popular for a few years, every brand from Yeezy and Balenciaga to Skechers has created a shoe to fit that category. Something about the pair above just don’t do it for me though. They look kinda cheap. I felt like there are so many better choices and I told her that. That’s how we got to this here blog post. 


I love a good project. Especially, one that will distract me from the other more important things that I need to be doing. So, here we go. I found 8 really amazing pairs of sneakers that will up your cool mom quotient. Let’s take a look at the best options for fall athleisure shoes so that you can look cute while running errands.

Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate for Amazon I will receive a small commission if you buy anything after following the links below. All of the selections are less than $50 but could make your outfit look like you’re worth a million bucks!

Now, Onto the Foot Goodness!

First up are these New Balance sneakers – These are almost identical to the ones lil Annie is pedalling. It might be easy to think that I like these more because they are a name brand. But, if you look closer, you’ll see the way the uppers have less shiny plastic on them and the soles look cushiony makes it look like the brand put some thought into how these might feel on the feet. 

This next pair sits firmly in the athleisure pocket. Athleisure is a term that is meant to describe apparel, shoes and accessories that can be used to transition from the gym to just hanging out. I have a similar pair in silver, black lace and white. They are super comfortable. The platform sole is on trend and works with both skinny jeans and wide leg pants. 



Here, I diverged a bit from the olive green and chose another neutral fall color. How do you feel about gray?

The final pair for your consideration falls more on the shoe side than the sneaker side. They have a polished look that I think could really work as the weather cools down. 
I have so many style ideas for how to incorporate fashion sneakers into your wardrobe. Send me links so that I can see how you athleisure.  
Let me know if you like any of these options.
Stay Flossie!

2 thoughts on “8 Sneakers That Will Up Your Cool Mom Quotient

  1. The PUMA womens Suede Platform Strap Wn Sneaker, Olive Night-olive Night Marshmallow are what I think your MOM friend went with……wink!

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